Advantages of Compounding Pharmacies

Advantages of Compounding Pharmacies

Compounding pharmacies are the place to go when you need specialized medication. Sometimes certain medication has to be modified to remove certain ingredients that can cause allergies in patients. And there are also prescriptions that are hard to find in a commercial pharmacy that can be prepared in a compounding pharmacy.

The medications in a compounding chemist near me are prepared according to a prescription given by your doctor. There can be certain special requirements that need to be accommodated such as having a different dosage for the medication that you can’t find in a commercial pharmacy, adding flavouring to create more palatable medications especially for children, creating medications to accommodate allergies and also preparing alternative forms of medications.

For example, if there is a commercially available medication in the form of a pill, it may not be a good option for a person who can’t swallow a pill. In this case, the medication can be formulated as a liquid, ointment, drop, powder etc.

The medical needs of different patients vary and commercial medication cannot provide a solution to everyone. For example, if you are looking for a smaller dose of a drug which is not available commercially, it may not be completely safe to split the pill on your own. It can be impossible to arrive at the correct dosage this way. And you may overdose easily as it is not possible to split the pill and arrive at the dosage accurately. So you can visit a compounding pharmacy that will make things easier for you.

There are dyes and preservatives in medication that some people are allergic to. You can visit a compounding pharmacy to have the same medication formulated without the ingredients that cause you allergies. For example, you can have the compounding pharmacist prepare lactose free medication if you suffer from lactose intolerance. There are even people who follow the vegan lifestyle that prefer to have medication without any animal products. If there is a patient with frequent vomiting, oral medication will not be suitable. In that case, a medication can be formulated as a suppository. There are also medications that can be formulated as gels, solutions, creams, lozenges etc.

If you are required to take multiple prescriptions, it can be a little difficult to remember everything. This is a common issue with elderly patients who needs to take multiple prescriptions frequently. To make life easier for them, certain prescriptions can be combined into a single dose so that it brings down the chances of forgetting medications. Having one pill to take instead of multiple can be a huge relief and helps you manage your medications easily. Sometimes, you will find that certain compounded medications are cheaper than the drugs that are commercially available.

You can also have lower doses of high quality ingredients that will be cheaper to prepare. And these can be prepared without any patented preservatives or designer dyes that will remove an additional cost. You will also be able to have increased access to medications that are hard to find. And the wait time for the medication will be more reasonable than waiting for the manufacturer to produce a new batch.