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Corporate Gifting 101 – Tips and Tricks Worth Noting

Brands today take corporate gifting to the heart. This is due to the fact that corporate gifting is used for an array of reasons. While some may be personal from one colleague to another, others can be business related from one client to another or even for customers in order to increase brand awareness and engagement. Often customers or clients feel a sense of gratitude and loyalty through such means of actions.

However, coming up with the right corporate gift can be a challenge. This is solely because any and every gift requires a sense of thoughtfulness and customization behind it. So, if you’re trying to put together the perfect corporate gift for whatever reason it may be, here are a few tips and trick worth noting to help you shop right!

Quality over quantity

If there’s a common mistake we tend to do when it comes to gift shopping, it’s that we see quantity over quality. While gifting a number of things can be exciting to the eye, it’s a rule not worth following if the quality is downright cheap!

This concept is crucial in the corporate world if you want to leave positive impressions from your gift recipient. Quality items tends to serve purpose to your gifts even in the long-run. You can never go wrong in gifting if you follow this rule.

An eye-catching packaging

The creativity of packaging in the world that we live today is beyond imaginable! From cute packaging for small things such as accessories and ornaments to fancy packaging for items like wine and chocolates there are simply extraordinary ways to wrap them up!

For example, things such as cardboard wine boxes, aesthetic paper bags, gifts hampers and so much more. After all, this step is the presentation of your gift and investing in the right presentation can go a long way in the corporate sector of the world!

Plan ahead of time

If you’re one to procrastinate, then you can bid your gifting skills good bye! Rushing for the perfect gift in the last minute can create extra hassle which may even result in something you’re not too satisfied with! Always plan and note down a couple of ideas before cross checking them out with the budget and settling for a winner! This way you can also be sure to have a back-up idea in case you weren’t able to put together plan A.

Useful and functional

Have you even received a gift that is probably sitting in some corner somewhere as you go through this article? Well, don’t make the mistake of doing that in the corporate world, as it would surely leave a negative impression. Even if you’re advertising your product through a means of gift, the gift always needs to remain practical and functional so the recipient can make use of it without tossing it in some corner.

Lastly, do not forget to see beyond the occasion. Keep your ideas open to their likes and dislikes regardless of the season and occasion too!