Advanced Techniques Taught in Nail Technician Courses

Advanced Techniques Taught in Nail Technician Courses

Nail art is a field that gives a lot of opportunities for creative expression. The beauty and the mastery of the manicure depend on the skill of the nail technician and the advanced techniques used by them to elevate their craft.

Basic nail care as well as advanced techniques is taught in nail courses. One such technique is precision nail sculpting where acrylic or gel is applied precisely to the nail in order to extend and reshape the natural nails of the client. In advanced courses, the complexities of nail structure and anatomy are taught to aspiring nail technicians so that they can create flawless extensions. Some of the techniques they use to do this are sidewall extension, apex placement and perfecting the C-curve. These help in ensuring the durability of the nail and the aesthetics of the design. Nail technicians are able to achieve intricate nail designs that have dazzling embellishments, hand painted designed, complex patterns etc. And these are skills and techniques that are explored in nail technician courses. Some of the tools and materials that students will learn to use in order to achieve these mesmerising designs are dotting tools, fine brushes and striping tapes. These allow them to create elaborate designs and patterns.

Freehand nail artistry is the height of creativity of a nail technician

This allows nail technician to unleash their imagination and creativity directly onto a nail. And to help them in reaching this skill, advanced courses will focus on teaching the students to control their brush strokes, freehand painting skills, seamlessly blending colours and creating intricate designs without relying on guides or stencils. This allows the nail technician to create abstract masterpieces, miniature portraits, details landscapes etc. In addition to the aesthetics of nail art, nail technician courses will focus on the importance of nail health and caring for the nails. Some of the topics that are covered in advanced training are nail disorders, nail diseases, practices to sanitise the nails and advanced treatments for nails such as repairing and strengthening. Students will learn how common nail issues can be identified and what they can do in order to ensure the overall health of their clients’ nails.

Sculpted 3D nail art is another way to create stunning masterpieces

This adds an extra dimension to nail designs and students are taught how to sculpt intricate 3D designs with gel or acrylic. They will be able to create delicate 3D patterns and designs to bold shapes. Some of the techniques that will be taught in this aspect are acrylic shaping, moulding and detailing. Innovative nail extension techniques are also explored in these courses so that they can sculpt over forms and reverse French extensions. The students will learn how to customise extension techniques so that they suit the individual nail shapes of the clients’. This will allow for a customised and comfortable fit. It is important to understand the proper techniques for removal and maintenance of nail enhancements. And some of the techniques that cover these include safe removal of gel, acrylic etc. without damaging the natural nail.