Thinking about Getting an Eyelash Lift? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Thinking about Getting an Eyelash Lift? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Another beauty treatment in town is promising bigger-than-life lashes and is gaining popularity. Lash lifts are quickly becoming a popular beauty treatment because they promise to give your lashes an enviable volume without the use of an eyelash curler. There are numerous drugstore products designed to make your eyes pop, but people are increasingly turning to longer-lasting treatments such as extensions and lifts. Extensions, which come in a variety of materials, can make lashes appear fuller without the need for mascara, but lash lifts are essentially a perm for your lashes. Typically, the treatment lasts six to eight weeks.

An eyelash lift kit is intended to improve your natural lashes very slightly. It will not give texture, color, contour, or depth to your eyes as lash extensions do. Its primary function is to curl your natural lashes, and you must have at least a 4-millimetre lash to qualify. Because you don’t need to come in as regularly for touch-ups, it’s excellent if you don’t want the upkeep or extra volume of extensions. In 45 minutes to an hour, a lash lift may completely reshape your lashes. The technician works from the lash base to the tip to see the whole length of the lashes before curling them.

The technician employs a different type of rod depending on the desired curl: The bigger the rod, the smoother the curl. A curved plastic rod is glued to the eyelid, and then the lashes are glued around the rod. The first solution sits for 10 minutes, followed by the second solution. The lashes will then be removed from the rod by your technician. It is critical to keep your eyes closed during the process and avoid allowing the formula to come into touch with your eye since this might create a response if you open your eyes. Having a lash lift is preferable to dyeing your hair: It’s not the greatest thing for your hair, but it won’t harm if done sparingly.

The process is safe provided you go to a registered and certified specialist and wait for a minimum of six weeks between procedures. However, if the technician is inexperienced, you may injure your lashes. Lash lifts are frequently confused with lash tints, although they perform two quite different functions. Consider lash tinting to be a semi-permanent lash color treatment. Tinting your lashes will not increase curl, length, or volume, but it will deepen and enhance their color using permanent, cream-based dyes (and in some instances, a semi-permanent vegetable-based dye).

Your primary concern should be safety. It is critical to choose someone who is certified. Depending on the state, the stylist must be licensed as well as certified. Do your homework; it’s critical! In general, lash lifts and lash procedures are a lot simpler to do wrong than they are to get right. Chemicals are utilized, which might trigger severe responses in certain people, particularly those who have sensitive skin. The chemicals used can seep into your eyes and cause severe irritation, burning, and blistering. As a result, finding a skilled specialist is critical. Consult your doctor if you have any concerning symptoms, particularly those that impact your eyesight or do not improve after a day or two.